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Dave Kuty is a docent at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. The former Silicon Valley engineer, became interested the biology of the redwoods forest and especially of the albino redwoods. He first observed albino redwoods in 1990. There was little known about them and relatively few were observed in the wild. It became clear that the albinos needed to be observed in greater numbers, and differences noted. He started to observe the albino redwoods in Henry Cowell SP and started to classify them. Ten albino redwoods have been found in Henry Cowell State Park.

Dave organized the first and second Albino Conference at Henry Cowell and has encouraged other researchers and observers ever since. Genetic sequencing is not yet been possible, so he continues to observe, catalogue and classify additional albino redwoods as they are found.

He finds that the discovery of albino redwoods is encouraging, because the redwood forest continues to genetically experiment. Observations will continue throughout the redwood range.

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