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Trees available to the public

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Frequently we’re asked at Chimera Redwoods if there will be chimeric albino seedlings and cuttings available for sale. Arborist Tom Stapleton is currently working on a project that will make this a reality in the future. As of this writing, Tom and the Holderman family have patented three chimeric albino redwoods: ‘Mosaic Delight' (USPP26573P3),  'Grand Mosaic' (USPP29606P3), & 'Early Snow' (USPP29217P2). These trees are still in the research and development stage and hopefully will be available to the public within the next five years. The trees were developed as a result of a greenhouse experiment and were not taken from cuttings in the wild. Funds received from the sale of these trees will help offset research expenses. Tom hopes that making albino redwood chimeras available to the public will help reduce the desire of souvenir hunters to poach natural albino redwoods in our state and national parks.

If you are interested in purchasing an albino chimeric redwood in the future and would like to be put on our waiting list, please reach out to Tom in the ‘Contact’ section of the website.

Below is a picture of the cultivar 'Mosaic Delight'. This Coast Redwood albino chimera has a tendency to produce weeping green branches, while the albino branch habit is mostly horizontal to slightly upright in form. Due to its moderate to slow growth, this cultivar may be better suited as a house plant or featured in a small garden setting. Tests are underway to determine its suitability to these environments.

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