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Pale Green Albino Redwood

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pale a

 The pale albino redwood is one of the most interesting mutations in the albino redwood family and is almost always seen in basal form. The Pale Albino not being a true white has completely florescent green foliage. What’s unique about the “Pale” is that photosynthesis is still occurring to some degree within its needles, but at a much reduced rate then what is see in normal green redwoods. This is because Pale Albinos lacks a specific type of chlorophyll which gives them their lime green appearance. Because of this chlorophyll deficiency, Pale Albino redwoods like their pure white cousins cannot survive without the support of a normal green redwood. To date, there are only 11 documented Pale Albino redwoods known to exist.


Notice in the picture below the comparison between the normal green branch to the Pale:

pale b

If you look closely you can see last year's needles dying back. This is because the mutation is very sensitive to light and burns easily in the sun.


pale c

 Pale branch next to a normal green sprout.


pale e     

 Parent tree to the Pale Albino.


 pale d

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