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Chimera Redwoods Visits Ft. Bragg on September 4th

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Once again Arborist Tom Stapleton put on another exciting booth presentation at the Forestlands Expo in Ft. Bragg on Labor Day weekend. Tom teamed up with Mendocino Redwood Company during the Paul Bunyan Days festivities in Ft. Bragg. Locals from the area had a firsthand look at some of the rare trees that Tom had in propagation. Tom explained that these trees are essentially the “Canary in the coal mine” telling us how redwoods are adapting to an ever-changing environment where the implications of pollution may be having an effect on the redwood forests.


Paul Bunyan (played by Mike Stephens) stands alongside Robert Douglas Senior Biologist/Forest Science Manager for Mendocino Redwood Company during the Paul Bunyan Day’s festivities in Ft. Bragg.


Arborist Tom Stapleton engages with the public regarding the fascinating aspect of chimeric albino redwoods.


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