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2019 Tales of White Trees

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Lucas Dexter 01


Four years after chimeric albino redwood cones were discovered, Landscaper Lucas Dexter Vice President of Dexter Estate Landscapes came across another amazing redwood exhibiting the same variegated characteristics. Located in the in the heart of the wine growing region of Napa Valley, a planted Coast Redwood displays an aerial albino more stunning in appearance then the first discovery. With fanning branches in swirls of yellow and green, this mutation revealed something that few have ever seen. Tucked away behind these yellow branches were variegated albino and green chimeric cones.


Lucas Dexter 02

In the pictures we see the three C's: 'clear characteristics of chimerism' by the well-defined albino/green boarder running through both sides of the right cone. What's intreaguing is how the boundaries between the genotypes do not follow the diamond shape pattern seen when the cones start to split open later in the fall. Seeds originating from these boarder sections may produce chimeric seedings. A joint effort is underway to collect the cones and attempt to propagate the seeds.


Lucas Dexter 03

Another view of this beautiful aerial albino chimeric redwood.

Aside from this redwood discovery, Lucas has a passion for collecting rare Japanese Maples and has transformed his property into a small personal nursery. Each year Lucas adds to his collection & creates new plant introductions that he grafts himself. Most recently, he has been working with the International Oak Society to introduce a new selection of a Blue Oak that he found. Again, much thanks to Lucas for sharing this amazing find.

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