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2020 Tales of White Trees

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Follow up report to: 2017 Tales of White Trees . Dennis from Erwitte Germany sent us fresh pictures of his seven-year-old sectorial albino chimera he named ‘Soluna’. The tree is approximately 4’ tall and to date is still the only chimeric albino Sequoia sempervirens known outside the United States. From these latest pictures, we can see that the tree’s foliage has also developed into a pale green albino chimera. This combination is exceptionally rare to see and similar to the virecent foliage seen on the Cotati Tree. Although the cause of the mutation is still undetermined, the cold weather of Germany appears to be playing a role. There have been reports from the Netherlands of Coast Redwoods exhibiting mottled appearing foliage. Thanks again Dennis for keeping us up to date with your chimeric redwood.


Chimera from Germany 1


Chimera from Germany 2


Chimera from Germany 3



While hiking above the Sonoma Coast near the town of Jenner, a San Francisco photographer named Eric H. came across this basal albino redwood. The mutation appears to be relatively young exhibiting vigorous shoots. Located only a mile from the coast, Eric reported that the albino redwood was found near a group of dead redwoods. It possible that the trees died due to a slow-moving landslide. A field investigation will need to be done to see if stressors may have played a role in causing this mutation. Thanks Eric for sharing this discovery with us.


Coast Albino 1

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