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2021 Tales of White Trees

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Rick and Barbara from the Russian River area of Sonoma County shared with us an albino redwood growing on their property. Located in the center of a fairy ring of second-growth redwoods, this pure white mutation has been known by mushroom foragers since the 1950s. Today this modest albino redwood stands in about 10’ tall. There are several small standards on the mutation which appear to have grown and died back over the years. According to Rick and Barbara, this year the albino redwood foliage doesn't appear to be as lush as in years past. The 2020/2021 winter season was off to a slow start so many redwoods in the area were drought-stressed. This could have contributed to the albino's sparse look. Thanks again Rick & Barbara for sharing this nearly 70-year-old albino redwood with Chimera Redwoods! 


Barbara Gary Albino


Barbara Gary Albino 2

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